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Stra / Venice gig remastered

I received Jan Placho's recordings today and did the remastering this afternoon. Jan used my microphones and the famous "tape your mikes on your baseballcap" technique, the result of this bootleg is good up to excellent. The crowd is entheusiastic and is singing pretty often, this recording is a must to have!

June 11th - Stra:

Please contact Jan Placho if you want to trade this bootleg within a short period of time because I'm going to Vancouver on holidays next week!

A nice Why Aye Man demo:
Why Aye Man - Stra

RAH gig taped

Hi again, yesterday I taped a wonderful show in London, Royal Albert Hall! I'd like to thank in special the guy who invited my to come to have a seat on the second row instead of the 7th!

I took wonderful pictures, available here

About the audio tape: As usual I used my omni's taped on my blue baseball cap, all the recording went pretty much okay. During the encores (before brothers in arms) I stood up, and laid my microphones 10 cm. from the PA speakers on stage. My Brothers in arms recording is fantastic! But, I forgot to adjust my levels during Money for Nothing and So far Away. I've got quite a lot of distortion on those songs and I'm searching for someone who's really into audio editing, not an amature but a hero!

Here are some demo's:
Brothers in Arms demo RAH 30th may
All that matters demo RAH 30th may

Feel free to send me a trade request, but I'm only searching for stuff which is not in this list!!!. Please don't offer me MP3 files, or whatever crap from the internet. Eventually I had guys offering me my own recordings for trade.

Again several new titles! London gig coming!

I kindly received pictures from Wouter last week with me and Guy Fletcher on it, thanx a lot! Not many international fans know who I am in person, so if you recognize my face this monday in RAH - London, don't hesitate to contact me!

Again my list has got a pretty big update, I'm searching for more titles!

New bootlegs added

A couple of new bootlegs have been added to the list. And there's a pretty big list of new titles coming, keep in touch!

Covers available!

I finished my covers for the 4 Dutch gig and the Antwerp gig! Covers are available in the recordings section.

April 15th - Amsterdam:

April 16th - Amsterdam:

April 17th - Rotterdam:

April 18th - Rotterdam:

April 25th - Antwerp:

Good luck! I just noticed that not all the demos are from the remastered version (time to update that, updates will be announced as usual). I'm still searching for people offering trades. I had some problems with my spam filter, so do not hesitate to send an e-mail for trade offers of 2005 material. Please don't send in a huge list of 'standard' material, which is available by any trader. I've got pretty much all of that stuff. I do not have much time these days, burning your blanks takes too much of it atm...(feel very sorry about that, but it's what it is ;-)

New design and more...

Quite a few packages have been shipped today, and I must say it's a huge pleasure to get in touch with so many people. Thanx for all the compliments for the recordings, people seem te like it, feels good. Besides the new design, there's a few new sections on this website:
  • my recordings, explains a bit about the recordings I made...
  • MK 2005 list, the Mark Knopfler 2005 tour stuff I already have in my collection!
  • taping proces, I've had many people asking me how I made my recordings, time to explain that...
  • links, some friends, sites I recommend...
  • about me, who's the guy behind this website? ;-)
All the stuff is static right now, hopefully I'm in the opportunity to do some PHP coding asap, but you know it works for the moment...

So long,


Update: April 26th 2005, Antwerp bootleg available!

Hi Again! Just got back from Antwerp where I attended the gig last night. Thanx again to Noella and Waldo for the awesome dinner and great stay, never had such a friendly stay with friends! The gig was an enormous chaos, which annoyed me a lot. Seating is seating, standing is standing, not a mix up!

Although I made pretty nice recording, which is again available for trades with 2005 stuff.

Demos (two of them this time ;-) If you do not have anything to trade: mail me and we'll see whether we can come up to an arrangement. Looking forward to the London gigs...;-)

Update: April 24th 2005, remastering done!

I just finished all the remastering for the 4 gigs. The result is pretty awesome I reckon, but it's up to you guys to decide that ;-)

I'm getting trade offers frequently and I'll handle them asap. So, don't worry if you did not receive a reply uptil now!

Just to let you know: Tomorrow I'll be at the Antwerpen gig where I'll try to make a nice recording of the show!

April 19th 2005

Hi Fans,

I just got back from the 4 Dutch gigs and put some demo's of my recordings on this site. I'll release all gigs within a couple of weeks, but give me a couple of days please!

The demo's are available:

I'm getting lots of e-mails for trades. I've got a pretty huge collection myself and do not have a lot of time for scanning through all those lists.
Therefore, I'm currently only interested in trades with high quality 2005 recordings or very rare stuff! (the ones I do not have yet, list coming soon)

More information soon!

There's also a few people who asked me if I'm the Dutchtaper. NO: I'm just another Joost, altough we know each other ;-)

Kind regards,

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